Check Out How Isaiah Thomas Absolutely Destroyed Michael Jordan This Week


The Dream Team is the most famous USA national basketball team roster to have ever been put together.  They were the gold standard by which all teams since are judged.  The Dream Team is famous for who played on it but also because of who did not.  There area  few suspect omissions from the squad but the most glaring was the exclusion of Isaiah Thomas.

It has been rumored for years that Thomas was snubbed because Michael Jordan did not want him on the team.  There have been other reports that the Dream Team decided they needed more white players on the team an overlooked better black athletes.  Who really knows the truth, but the supposed tension between Jordan and Thomas will continue to be a topic.

While Thomas missed out on the Dream Team, he managed to get back at Jordan this week.  The alma matters of the two players met each other this week on the court.  Indiana topped UNC and Isaiah felt like gloating:

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