Check Out How The NBA Punished Bradley Beal For Losing It And Choking Evan Fournier


The Washington Wizards have gotten off to a lackluster start so far this season.  They sit at 12th place in the East with a record of 5-10.  Frustrations seem to be running high as this Washington team tries to find a way to gel and play winning basketball.

There have been rumors of contention between point guard John Wall and shooting guard Bradley Beal.  It seems that their egos are too big for the same team according to sources.  In a recent game against the Orlando Magic, Beal let his anger boil over.  Watch the Wizards player attack Evan Fournier below:

Beal needs to work on his anger management issues.  The league responded shortly after:

Some would say that the punishment passed down by the NBA was way too lenient.  Dwyane Wade was fined $25,000 earlier this year for a threatening gesture.  The NBA needs to step up and be more consistent with their rulings.

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