Chris Bosh Furious With Heat After They Block Him From Joining Championship Contending Teams



This year has been rough for Chris Bosh. After undergoing treatment for blood clot issues, Bosh was still unable to pass a medical exam to return to the court in Miami. Heat President Pat Riley declared Bosh’s career as a Heat player over. Now things have gone to bad to worse, as Miami’s plans to prevent Bosh from going somewhere else become clear.

The team has yet to waive Bosh, despite saying they have no intent to ever play him again. The reason they’re doing this is likely so that they can wait until March 1st to waive him. If they do that, Bosh won’t be able to play in the playoffs for any team he signs with, meaning that any title contender would be out of the question for him.

It’s a move that makes sense for Miami, because it prevents any of their rivals from gaining strength. It also allows them to apply for salary cap relief if they wait until February, a year after his last game. But for a team that has so often preached about the importance of running a franchise like a family, this is a pretty horrible way to treat one of your superstars.

From the way Dywane Wade was shown the door to this, Pat Riley and the Heat front office have done a lot to lose the respect of fans across the league, including their own.

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