Chris Jericho Finally Unveils Who’s On The List



In the last few weeks, Chris Jericho has put together a great gimmick in the ring with his “List of Jericho.” It has intrigued many to wonder who is on his list. In light of that, Jericho has finally revealed the infamous list via his Facebook page.

The list includes everything from Xavier Woods laughing to the cameraman during highlight reel with Kevin Owens shooting the wrong angle. This just goes to show Jericho’s genius in creating entertaining skits. It’s something that has made some beloved by wrestling fans.

This is very reminiscent of his list of 1,004 holds that he stated had made during his days with the WCW. Jericho has been one of the few wrestlers that have shown the ability to adjust to any role that he is called upon him. It’s just another reason why he’s still  one of the greatest entertainers in the business.

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