Chris Jericho Is Extremely Excited About About His Huge Announcement



Throughout much of his professional wrestling career, Chris Jericho has been involved with his band Fozzy on the side. He has put out several albums and been on tour. In light of that, Jericho has made a huge announcement that could change things drastically.

This is great news for Jericho that will allow him to further extend his music career to at least another album and a possible tour. He has had his primary focus on his wrestling career over the last few years and has stated in a few recent interviews that he plans on shifting more attention toward his band. They have put out six albums over the last 16 years.

What this news also indicates is that Jericho could be stepping away from the ring for an extended hiatus. He had hinted a few months ago that he wanted to put in more work with his band. All in all, it will be interesting to see what he has planned with the WWE in the coming months.

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