Chris Jericho Reveals The Real Reason Why He Wore A Sin Cara Mask On Raw



There is a lot being made over social media in regards to Chris Jericho’s decision to wear a Sin Cara mask on this week’s episode of Raw. Many believed it was a jab at his colleague for their recent scuffle while on the European tour. In the latest episode of his podcast, Jericho quickly cleared the air.

“FU to the internet community that knows everything but doesn’t know s–t.”

Jericho over the years has been known for his strong personality and this was a perfect opportunity for him to get a dig back at his haters. He clearly doesn’t have any patience for this situation to linger and wants the talk to diminish. The best way for him to do that in his own power to put his spin on it.

He had also added that he and Sin Cara are still friends and have put that incident behind. This likely won’t be the last of it as it’s bound to come up again. When it does, Jericho will be ready.

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