Clearly Kevin Durant Has All The Motivation He Needs



In the last few months since making the decision to join the Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant has heard it all. He has been heavily criticized from all angles ranging from those believing it will take a huge hit to his legacy to being a ring chaser. However, it appears these knocks have only pushed Durant further as he was heard voicing these criticisms to himself as he shot around in practice, according to Ethan Sherwood Strauss of ESPN.

“That’s what I say to myself when I’m working. I hear it all the time. You hear the noise. You hear what they say about you. Everybody hears it. So it’s a little extra motivation when you hear it.”

“Nobody in this arena right now, and that’s when you get better. Nobody sees you when you’re doing this stuff right here, but luckily y’all was in here watching.”

There is an abundance of criticism that Durant can draw from for the entire season and beyond that with nearly everyone taking shots at him. It’s more than enough to keep him focused on the task at hand to win his first NBA title. In fact, there is more pressure to succeed on both his and the Warriors’ shoulders.

Durant is one of the best players in the league and this extra motivation could be enough to push to have an extremely productive season. Regardless of how he performs, he will always hear what the naysayers are saying it’s a matter of using that to positively fuel him. It will be interesting to see he performs with this added pressure over the rest of the season.

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