Could The Cowboys Trade Tony Romo Even If They Wanted To?



No team in the NFL has a quarterback situation quite like the Dallas Cowboys. With that being said, there probably isn’t a team out there that wouldn’t love to have the depth and talent at the position the Cowboys have.

You’ve heard the narrative before, and it’s a story line that won’t be going away any time soon: Tony Romo is sidelined with a back injury, while his replacement, Dak Prescott, is lighting it up for the 5-1 Cowboys and playing like an MVP candidate. He’s led Dallas to five straight wins and has his team sitting atop the NFC East, but Romo’s inevitable return is sure to happen in the next few weeks – assuming the Cowboys opt to go that route.

It would seem wise for coach Jason Garrett to reinsert the guy who led Dallas to a 12-4 record and a playoff win two years ago into the lineup, but that may not happen. There’s a chance Prescott remains the starter for the remainder of the year, especially if he beats the Eagles on Sunday and goes on to top the Browns two weeks from now.

Why don’t they just trade Romo to the Jets, you ask? It’s not exactly financially possible, nor is it going to happen before next Tuesday’s trade deadline.

If the Cowboys were to somehow find a trade partner for Romo before next week, here’s how it would work in regard to their cap. According to, a trade of Romo this season would cost the Cowboys an additional $11.1 million in dead money, essentially bumping his cap hit from $20.835 million to $31.935 million. That would force the Cowboys to create more than $11 million in cap space, which isn’t exactly feasible.

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