Cowboys Give Update On The Status Of Tony Romo’s Return



Jerry Jones and the Cowboys have remained frustratingly cryptic all season about their quarterback situation. With Tony Romo sidelined and rookie Dak Prescott putting on some fantastic performances in his absence, fans have been debating whether to roll with Prescott or put Romo back in for weeks. Those debates only got more intense when Romo returned to the practice field last week.

Now we have an answer, at least for the upcoming week. The Cowbyos, who initially wanted to rush Romo back as soon as he was healthy, will now instead stick with Prescott until they’re 100% positive that Romo has fully recovered. Via NFL Network:

Tony Romo will focus on conditioning & change-of-direction. May not even practice fully this week. Doesn’t sound ready.

So another week without Romo. Prescott has looked fantastic all season, and has helped lead the Cowboys to 7-1. While it’s good to keep consistency in the team, they Cowboys are quickly approaching an important decision. With the season half way finished, and the Cowboys posed to make a run at the playoffs, the team needs to decide who their playoff quarterback will be. If they want to stick with Prescott, then they don’t need to change a thing. But if they want Romo in at quarterback for playoff games, they’re going to need to start playing him soon to get him some game experience with the team under his belt. Playing Prescott until the playoffs and then switching to Romo would be a terrible decision. Either way, having to choose between two excellent quarterbacks isn’t a bad problem to have at all.

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