Cowboys Take A Huge Hit After Player Faces Year Long Suspension For Failed Drug Test



The Cowboys are a solid team, and that’s thanks to some smart draft picks. They’ve made excellent picks in the last several drafts and have built a core of a team around it. Unfortunately, not every player pans out.

Defensive End Randy Gregory was one of the top pass rushers in last year’s draft. The Cowboys swooped him up in the second round, weighing his unbelievable knack for sacks over his persistent behavioral issues. Unfortunately for the team, it hasn’t panned out. Gregory received a 4 game suspension last season for failing a drug test and violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. During his suspension, he failed another test and received a 10 game suspension. He was scheduled to return in week 16 this season, fresh and ready for playoffs. Instead, his days with the team may be over, as it seems he’s failed yet another test.

A third violation is an instant year long suspension from the NFL. Josh Gordon was the most recent player to learn that the hard way, and now Gregory will too. At this point, Gregory has a pattern of non-compliance, and the Cowboys aren’t the type of team to put up with that. This could spell the end of Gregory’s Cowboys career, and potentially the end of his football career in general.

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