D’Angelo Russell Has A Surprising Choice For His Most Influential NBA Player



Through his brief NBA career, Los Angeles Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell has quickly become a promising player in the league. His unique skill set has put forth some high level of expectations. In a recent interview with ESPN’s Baxter Holmes, Russell gave a surprising answer about which NBA star he has modeled his game after.

“See, it’s different when you ask who your favorite player was,” Russell told ESPN’s Baxter Holmes. “You can say those American guys who made their name, like Kobe (Bryant) and Allen Iverson and Shaq and all those types of guys,” he said. “But I really look at it and say, if I could model my game after somebody [it would be Ginobili].”

At first glance, this choice is a bit puzzling given that most players would give the obvious answers such as Michael Jordan or even Kobe Bryant for his generation. However, there are a lot of similarities between and Manu Ginobili. They are both shifty players that use the fact they are left handed to their advantage.

Ginobili is certainly a strong choice to model his game after given the type of success has had in his NBA career and has developed a niche a scorer. The fact that Russell has chosen him shows that has great attention to detail in what it takes to be an effective NBA player.

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