Daniel Bryan Believes There’s One Reason Why Cesaro Should Join Smackdown Live



Since the brand split draft a few months ago, Smackdown Live general manager David Bryan has stated on multiple instances that he wants Cesaro to come to his show. It’s no secret that he isn’t exactly happy with his current role within the company. In light of that, Bryan made another plea to Cesaro over social media.

Cesaro’s name has been a constant out of Bryan’s mouth when he refers to Raw wrestlers that want to come to his brand. There is much credence to this as he had an interview a few months ago voicing his frustration about where he is at in the company having yet to become a world champion with the WWE. Up to this point in time, he has not received a legitimate shot at any of the major belts

In that same regard, he has earned some high level of respect from his colleagues such as Dolph Ziggler, who believe his time will come eventually. This may ultimately have to transpire as a member of Smackdown Live. This something certainly to keep an eye on moving forward.

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