Daniel Bryan Believes There’s One Reason Why He’s Failed As A GM



Since taking over as the Smackdown Live general manager, Daniel Bryan has had a hard time coming to grips with the position. He has had to switch over to a new role that he’s still learning on the job. According to Wrestle Zone, Bryan believes he has failed in that new role for one reason in particular.

Daniel Bryan jokingly says that he thinks Goldberg attacked Nikki Bella which of course leads the conversation to Goldberg defeating Brock Lesnar. Daniel Bryan admits that he has been a bit hard on the Attitude Era wrestler. He thought that watching it was really cool. He also says that he feels like he has failed as a manager because he has not been able to get any of the current superstars to Goldberg’s level of popularity.

Goldberg is one of the most popular wrestlers in the professional wrestling business that help transcend the sport. His return has clearly demonstrated that as he brought back a lot of the spark and energy that the WWE has missed in the last few years. Goldberg is a rare commodity in the professional wrestling industry, and to think another current generation of superstars can match it is hard to believe.

The only wrestler that can come toward that star power is John Cena, but he isn’t from the New Era. If Bryan believes he’s failed because of that one aspect, it’s quite foolish to evaluate his job purely through that regard. His job in the general manager has been respectable so far.

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