Daniel Bryan May Have Just Leaked Some HUGE WWE News



In the last few weeks, things have been heating up in contract negotiations between Goldberg and the WWE about a possible return. The company over the last week has hinted at talks being finalized with Goldberg expected to take on Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series next month. In light of that, Smackdown Live general manager Daniel Bryan may have revealed the match is set in stone.

“I’m excited to see that match,” Bryan said, before giving a thumbs down and laughing. “Just kidding! It’s going to be an awesome match. It’s going to be on a co-branded show, but I don’t like that they’re putting it together and not us.”

The WWE hasn’t done a great job of concealing the news with several media outlets reporting that everything is in place for the mega match to happen. That said, Goldberg will finally bring clarity to it all next week on Raw when he responds to the challenge issued by Lesnar relayed by his advisor Paul Heyman. Once that happens, expect the WWE to heavily promote this match over the next few weeks.

This will mark the first time that two have faced each other in over 12 years since WrestleMania XX. Goldberg was victorious in that match setting up for what should be an extremely entertaining main event bout next month. Everything appears to be seemingly falling in place for the WWE.

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