Daniel Bryan Takes Another Shot At Raw



In a few days, the WWE is set go through their second joint-brand pay-per-view event that will pit both shows against each other at Survivor Series. This includes several different matches that will have members from both shows competing. In light of that, Smackdown Live general manager Daniel Bryan has recently taken a shot at the other brand.

“I honestly think that every single one of our tag teams are better than the RAW tag team champions,” Bryan said.

This can be chalked up to being more trash talk to help promote more tension between the two shows. Although Bryan is confident in own wrestlers, Raw does have the better tag team duos led by the New Day, who are less than a month away from breaking the record for the longest tag team title reign. In many ways, they are the underdogs going into the event.

That said, it should be an entertaining 20-man tag team match between both shows that could have a few interesting twists and turns given the rivalry between some of the tag teams. It could mean a few double crosses taking place on their own team. All in all, the stage has been set for what could be an intriguing show.

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