David Stern Drops Bombshell About Magic Johnson And Players With HIV


Magic Johnson contracting the HIV virus while playing in the NBA is one of the biggest sports news stories of all time.  It brought HIV and AIDS even more into the public spotlight and was met with both support and derision by the media, fans, and fellow players.  Until the past couple of days, no one questioned whether or nor Magic Johnson was the only NBA player to have contracted HIV.

David Stern recently opened up more on the incident and dropped this bombshell.  Johnson was not the only NBA player to get HIV.  In today’s climate, this kind of announcement may not be as big a deal as it was 25 years ago.  Stern will not reveal the name of the other player but did say that they were diagnosed after their career ended, the diagnosis was not made public, and that they have died since then.

When asked about why he didn’t make the diagnosis public, Stern had this to play:

“There’s not necessarily a reason to announce, and if you asked me do I think that amongst all of the professional athletes in the country or the world, whether there are other HIV positive athletes, I think there probably are.”

If you believe what Stern has to say then there could be other HIV positive athletes playing today.

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