Dean Ambrose Had Some Surprising Words About James Ellsworth



Since making his debut in the WWE in June, James Ellsworth has caught on strong with the fan base. He has ridden that all the way to a full-time contract with the company. In an interview with ESPN, Dean Ambrose discussed why the reason why he believes Ellsworth has become so popular.

“Well, a lot of people watch WWE SmackDown or Monday Night RAW and they envision themselves in the ring as a normal person in the ring and they imagine what would be like to stand there under the lights on the big stage and just feel all that electricity and what that would be like. And they dream of being able to do that one day. This man literally came off his couch and did that one day and he nearly got killed. And then, he came back and did it again and nearly got killed again. And then, he nearly got killed again. Some how, he’s still standing here today. And I think that everybody could just picture themselves in the ring as James Ellsworth.”

In many ways, Ellsworth has the uncommon body frame for a professional wrestler. He looks like an average joe inside the ring. This has made it easier for fans to draw a stronger connection with him because he has the appeal of being an everyday guy and not a stereotype wrestler.

All of this has helped him latch on to a prominent role on Smackdown Live intertwine in the storyline with Ambrose and AJ Styles. The WWE has decided to jump on that momentum as long as they possibly can moving forward. What will be interesting to see is how Ellsworth can play this role.

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