DeMar DeRozan Looks A Lot Like Jordan Right Now And The Numbers Back It Up


DeMar DeRozan has been on absolute fire so far this year.  He has led the Toronto Raptors to a record of 6-2 so far this year.  Their outstanding play seemingly makes them the biggest threat to the Cavaliers in the east at this point.

DeRozan continued his stellar start with 34 points in an exciting 113-111 victory over the Charlotte Hornets.  Viewers have been pointing out similarities DeRozan’s play style and skill and the play style and skill of Michael Jordan.  The Raptors social media team only fanned the flames when they brought this stat to everyone’s attention:

The numbers certainly lend some credence to the increasingly common comparisons to Jordan.  Who knows if this will give DeRozan more confidence or if it will put more pressure on him to perform.  Only time will tell what the limit is for Demar DeRozan.

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