Dennis Rodman Charged After Almost Killing Motorist


Dennis Rodman is no stranger to controversy.  Throughout his impressive NBA career he found himself the center of attention often, usually for the wrong reasons.  Since retiring, not much has changed.  Rodman has been in and out of rehab with a few of these stints having been recorded and shared as part of various reality shows.  Rodman is also notorious for traveling to North Korea multiple times and becoming close with Kim Jong Un.

His exploits range from the innocent to the downright dangerous.  Today proved to be just another mistake in the trouble ridden life of Rodman.  Rodman has been charged with Hit and Run and Property damage after causing an accident in Santa Ana, CA.

According to a police press release, Rodman was driving north in the southbound carpool lane of the I-5 highway.  In case it isn’t clear, he was going the opposite direction of traffic.  Rodman was traveling at high speeds towards a sedan which needed to swerve and crashed into the divider as a result.  Thankfully it seems that there were no serious injuries.  Rodman left the scene immediately.

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