Derrick Rose Finally Comes To Terms With His Reality



Heading into this season, Derrick Rose voiced much confidence in being able to return to elite form. However, he hasn’t shown to be the same the player he once was. In a recent interview, Rose finally acknowledged that may not ever get back to that status.

“That vintage (Rose) is gone, man,” Rose told New York Daily News’ Stefan Bondy following the team’s 107-103 win over the struggling Portland Trail Blazers on Tuesday. “I told you the question should be: Can I hoop? I can hoop. It shouldn’t be like he’s playing like his old self. Like, if I can hoop, I can hoop, no matter if I did that when I was younger or now. I can play the game of basketball.”

The 27-year-old has finally come to terms with the reality that has set in. He best days may be behind him, but he can still be a productive player and show flashes of what he used to be. The effort is there to get to playing at that level, but that ability appears to be gone.

The fact of the matter is that Rose has suffered three major knee injuries that have become a huge hill for him to overcome. He is still recovering from these injuries that have prevented him from regaining full strength and burst in his legs. It’s a stark reality for Rose that he has realized his in.

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