Derrick Rose Has One Big Regret that Still Haunts Him



With Derrick Rose beginning the next chapter of his career, it has given him the chance to reflect on his time with the Chicago Bulls. Rose achieved a high amount of success with the franchise. According to, the former league MVP has one regret that still bothers him.

“Not winning a championship is really the only thing that stands out,” he says. “Being traded. I never thought I’d be traded. I was very surprised even with everything that happened. B.J. (Armstrong) called and he told me it’s a chance. I was emotional. I didn’t tell my mom. People were calling, coach Cal, my brothers, friends, seeing how I was doing. At first I was emotional. It was sad, devastating at first. But after awhile I thought about how strong my faith is. I knew it’s nothing He would put on my plate I can’t handle, so I took it as a blessing.

The Bulls floored several great teams during Rose’s tenure but continued to come up short in the playoffs against LeBron James reaching the conference finals once. Their best chance came in the 2014-15 season where they could have gone up 3-1 in the series, but a buzzer-beating jumper by James tied the series up and changed the entire momentum. If wasn’t that, Rose had his issues with injuries that forced him off the court as he played in just 100 out of a possible 312 games in his last four campaigns with the team.

It could be argued that Rose’s time with the team was a disappointment in the last four seasons missing the majority of it due to injuries. This never allowed the Bulls to fulfill their potential with him on the court. It’s always going to be one of those ‘what if’ situations.

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