Details Have Finally Emerged About Goldberg’s Deal With WWE



It has all but been cemented that Goldberg will make his return to the WWE after nearly 13 years since his last match. He is expected to take on Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series next month. However, it appears that there could be more beyond that according to Wrestling Inc..

Meltzer noted that while the deal has been in the works, it wasn’t finalized until over a week ago. It was noted that the plan is for Goldberg just to wrestle the one match, although that could always change depending on the fan response. Survivor Series will be held in Toronto, a city where Goldberg has always faced negative crowd reactions.

This makes complete sense as there’s no true indication that Goldberg will be received well. He’s has been away for more than a decade and there’s an entirely new generation of superstars and fans alike. The WWE is just hoping to capitalize on the buzz created by the release of WWE 2K17 earlier this week.

If things go as hoped there could be room for a third match between the two wrestling icons. It could possibly happen at the Royal Rumble or even WrestleMania 33. Ultimately, everything will solely depend on how things go next month in Toronto.

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