Devin Booker Reacted To His First Career Ejection In The Coolest Way Possible



Second year Devin Booker has been a bright spot on the Phoenix Suns roster, and he demonstrated both the skill and class that makes him a valuable player in their game against the Denver Nuggets.

With 17 seconds left and the Suns trailing by 16, Booker picked up his second technical foul of the night and was faced with the first ejection of his career. While we’ve seen high profile players like Boogie and Steph Curry have total meltdowns after getting ejected, the 20 year old Booker was cool as you like about the whole situation. He gave the official a thumbs up, waved goodbye to his teammates on the bench and even stopped to sign an autograph for a fan on his way to the locker room.

Booker finished the game with 24 points and was nothing but class when he was ejected. A player who can put up 20+ points and can remain calm and even-keeled like Booker did is a valuable player to have. The Suns are off to a bad start with a 3-9 record, but they’ve got a great young player with a great attitude in Booker.

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