Did The NFL Use Refs To Help The Seahawks Beat The Patriots?



Did Kam Chancellor interfere with Rob Gronkowski on New England’s final play in Sunday night’s eventual 31-24 loss to the Seattle Seahawks? Did Gronkowski get a little push-off himself? Did the officials swallow another whistle to give Seattle a crucial win? The NFL needs the Seahawks to win to keep NFL ratings up. Roger Goodell’s bad blood with the Patriots couldn’t be the issue could it?

A lot of question arise after the refs did not throw a flag in Sunday’s game. The Seahawks clearly got away with another pass interference. I’m a firm believer in football karma and since Seattle got away with a major pass interference call in a Week 6 victory over the Falcons, maybe they should have gotten some payback here.

Then on fourth-and-goal from the 1, the Pats went big, split Gronkowski wide and threw the fade route that bedevils so many quarterbacks. If you watch the end of the play, Chancellor has his arm wrapped around Gronkowski. A clear hold. Have to throw the flag. If you watch the beginning, Gronk plows into Chancellor like a sumo wrestler. Offensive pass interference. Again, have to throw the flag. Right? Do you think the refs helped them win, or did they just play better?

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