Disaster In Dallas As Three Key Players Miss Time To Injury



The Dallas Mavericks have found themselves in injury hell thanks to injuries to three key players.

According to ESPN, the Mavs will be without All Star Dirk Nowitzki and starting point guard Deron Williams for the next two games. Two games isn’t a ton, but those are two of the most important players on the Mavs roster.

The worst injury comes to bench unit leader J.J Barea. According to ESPN, Barea tore the muscle that connects the calf to the Achilles tendon, an injury that will leave Barea sidelined for at least 6 weeks.

Nowitzki is also recovering from an injury involving his Achilles, while Williams reinjured a calf injury on Wednesday night’s showdown against the Celtics.

“He’s making progress, but we’re going to be cautious and we’re going to be smart about it,” head coach Rick Carlisle told MacMahon about Nowitzki’s injury. “He’s played hurt a lot in his career. This situation is different, though. We’re early in the year. There’s something that has hung around that needs to be addressed and be expunged, so we’re working on it.”

In their absence, point guard Seth Curry will finally get a chance to shine. He’ll be backed up by new signing Jonathan Gibson, who may see a huge amount of minutes off the bench. Meanwhile, Devin Harris is still out indefinitely after injuring his toe.

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