Dolph Ziggler Believes Greatness Awaits one WWE Superstar



Throughout his WWE career, Cesaro has been an underly used talent in the business. He has yet to truly take off as an individual superstar on the main roster. That said, Dolph Ziggler had a high level of praise for his colleague with The Whig.

“It’s been almost there a couple of times with Cesaro, who I think is the best wrestler hands down all-around. Strength, psychology and just being awesome at wrestling, I think he’s the best. One of these times, he’s not going to get a break, he’s going to make a break for himself and he’s going to make another break for himself and then they’ll put another wall in front of him and he’ll break it down again and it’s going to be extra special.”

This isn’t the first time that another WWE superstar has spoken highly of Cesaro. He has a tremendous level of respect backstage but has yet to be given the opportunity to take center stage. He has been a one-time United States champion but hasn’t held any other belt on an individual level.
Cesaro had voiced his frustrations in that regard stating a few months ago that he thought he would have been a world champion by this point in his WWE career. Instead, that has been put on pause with his current storyline as a tag-team partner with Sheamus. It will be interesting to see how long it will take until he finally gets his break.

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