Dolph Ziggler Have Just Hinted At No Mercy Match Result



In the last two weeks, one of the biggest topics of discussion around Smackdown Live has been the upcoming match between The Miz and Dolph Ziggler at No Mercy with the challenger’s WWE career on the line. Ziggler has beat around the bush over with his actions via social media and interviews. The 36-year-old has once again stirred the pot a bit with his latest Twitter post.

Although Ziggler looks to be hinting at this being his final match, this could be some reverse psychology that he’s attempting to do. He hasn’t exactly set the world on fire over the last couple of years fading into the background a bit with other superstars taking the spotlight instead. However, he has been involved in an entertaining feud with The Miz since SummerSlam.

The two have shown great chemistry in the ring and have put on great matches on Smackdown Live and Backlash last month. If this it for Ziggler, it marks the end of what was once a promising career that he was never able to fully capitalize on his in-ring talent on a consistent basis. If not, then this could be his last real push to be a face in the company.

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