Dolph Ziggler Just Dropped a Bombshell About His WWE Career



Prior to reclaiming the Intercontinental championship, Dolph Ziggler was in a bit of rut. He was going to the rough patch of his professional wrestling career. According to a recent interview with The Mirror, Ziggler revealed something shocking about that time.

I’ve been genuinely thinking [moving on] for about two years now. You know, whether your contract is up, paperwork wise, and whether it timed with how this all worked out or not, WWE is a business but [WWE chairman] Vince McMahon is still a human being and if I went to him and said I need to leave because I can’t be here anymore because I can’t go any higher on the card, I believe he would understand that and let me go. I could go and do other things – I have been very fortunate to build a small, stand-up little set and any chance I get I have been very fortunate to be on shows I don’t deserve to be on, but it’s fun and I’ve been a student of it for 20 years. Also in the last six months or so going on Fox News and Fox Business, being able to talk politics, which I know like the back of my hand because I study it, I write about it every day and I have lots of ideas about, I have things in my back pocket. But I am still prepared to be the best WWE Superstar I can be. If I cannot be the best or operate at the best highest level, then I need to go away.

It’s something that was built for over time as he completely fell out of the mix after his last major title reign in 2013. Ziggler has always had the in-ring talent to be a top performer but has struggled to truly capitalize on that. He had shown it in spurts but never truly fulfilled his potential during that time.

That said, Ziggler has seemed to finally turn the page with this current feud with The Miz that has produced some strong in-ring performances. It has put him back on the map as being one of the most intriguing wrestlers in the business. This could be what he needs to turn his career around completely.

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