Dolph Ziggler Just Gave The Miz The Ultimate Compliment



A few months ago, Dolph Ziggler embarked on a feud with then-Intercontinental champion The Miz. It has turned to be a career-defining move for him that saw him put his career on the line for the title. In a recent interview with Citizen’s Voice, Ziggler gave the highest regard to that match.

“It’s bigger than any World Title match, or WrestleMania match, I’ve ever had. I had to put my entire career on the line against the title for one more shot, or leave the WWE. So it definitely is special. More special than any other moment I had. I mean, I could be sitting in a hammock somewhere sipping a piña colada, but working’s cool too.”

This is some high praise for The Miz given that this feud has really helped to re-energize Ziggler’s career. The two have put a few strong performances in the ring together that have only helped solidify their careers. It has also brought more meaning back to the Intercontinental title.
Ziggler has now found his way back into being one of the most entertaining wrestlers to watch in the ring. He has also had that ability but has struggled to utilize that for long periods of time. This latest title run could help cement his legacy with the company.

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