Doug Baldwin Gets Furious On Field With Coach Over Play-Call



On Sunday, the Seahawks ran a trick play in which Doug Baldwin threw a pass to quarterback Russell Wilson in the end zone for a touchdown. While most would be excited to get a touchdown on their first NFL pass, Baldwin was anything but.

Before the play, after the team got the playcall from the sideline, Baldwin threw Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell a middle finger to show him how he felt.

After the game, Baldwin explained why he was mad at a coach for letting him throw a touchdown.

“We’re in the f—ing red zone, and you want me to throw the ball?” Baldwin said afterward with a laugh. “Throw me the ball…

“It’s more funny than it is anything,” Baldwin said. “[Bevell] knows that when we get in the red zone, I want the ball thrown to me. I want to score touchdowns. And so, it’s like in that situation, him flipping the bird to me because now he’s got me throwing the ball to somebody else.”

It seemed all in good fun, but Baldwin is an intense dude and the difference between “in good fun” and “legitimately ready to rip your head off” is pretty small. Coming into the league undrafted, Baldwin has always had a huge chip on his shoulder, which he joked motivated him to make the pass.

“They doubted my arm ability. They doubted that I could make the throw, so I’m glad I could prove them wrong.”

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