Draymond Green Fires Back At Damian Lillard After He Questioned The Warriors Defense



For some players, being hated by fans and other players can get under their skin and mess up their rhythm. Draymond Green is not one of those players. He feeds off the hate. The more shots people take at him, the more fired up he gets on the court. He lives to prove his doubters wrong.

It’s a lesson Damian Lillard should have heeded before the Trailblazers faced off against the Warriors. Before the game, Lillard questioned the Warriors defense and said that they weren’t the same anymore now that they don’t have Bogut protecting the paint. Draymond Green and the rest of the team heard the comments, and it only motivated them to play harder. The Warriors were up by 34 at one point in the 4th quarter, causing the Blazers to essentially give up and bench their starters to let the reserve players ride the rest of the loss out. After the game, Green was happy to respond to Lillard’s comments.

I love when people say stuff like that,” Green told Anthony Slater of the San Jose Mercury News. “Some opinions will change sooner than later.”

Green certainly proved him wrong. He was solid across the board, tallying six points, eight rebounds, nine assists, three steals, and two blocks in the 127-104 beat down. The defense also made a point to shut down Lillard, holding him to under double digit field goals for the first time this season. All this just proves that you’d better be ready to go all out if you’re going to take shots at Draymond.

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