Draymond Green Gets Caught Going For Low Blow Kicks Yet Again



Draymond Green caught a lot of flak for his behavior on the court last year, and rightfully so. Throughout the playoffs he was seen flailing his arms and legs in weird ways intended to land a wayward hit to the opponent’s groin.

Things got so bad after the hit to LeBron that left Green suspended for a game during the Finals that the NBA actually instituted a new rule this off season.

NBA referees will be cracking down this season on the kind of hits to the groin area that resulted in Draymond Green’s suspension during the NBA Finals.

The hits to the groin — termed “unnatural acts” by the league — are a point of emphasis after a number of situations involving Green during the postseason. The All-Star forward had a habit of flailing his arms or legs and a few times made contact with opponents in the groin area.

Joe Borgia, the NBA senior vice president of replay and referee operations, said players are no longer just swinging their arms in attempt to draw a foul when taking a shot.

“Now all of a sudden legs are coming out in different directions at weird times, they’re coming higher,” he said. “Well, for the protection of the players, we’re going to stop it.”

Unfortunately, it appears that Draymond Green doesn’t care to follow the rule that’s nicknamed after him. After his behavior last season arguably cost his team a championship, he doesn’t seem to have learned a lesson at all. In a pre-season match up against the Portland Trailblazers, Green was again caught letting his legs fly towards Allen Crabbe.

Draymond needs to learn some self control on the court, and quickly. A winning attitude is important, but taking cheap shots and low blows to win isn’t the way to do things.

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