Draymond Green Has Clearly Had Enough With Villian Label



The Golden State Warriors since the arrival of Kevin Durant, the weight of the world has been put on their shoulders in terms of expectations. At the same time, the label of being the villain team in the league is also been associated with them. In a recent interview with ESPN’s Chris Haynes, Draymond Green voiced no concern whatsoever about this label on the team.

think it’s all how you look at it. Some people say we’re villains. I don’t think we’re really going into it saying we’re villains, we need to do this. Who cares? It’s like, it really doesn’t matter what people try to make you play. It’s about getting on the court, getting between these lines and performing.

“End of the day what everybody else draws up, make you out to be, they can make you out to be whatever you want. If we’re winning games or not winning games, that’s what matters. So, I don’t think this team is looking saying, ‘Hey, villains, let’s do it.’ Nobody cares.”

The only thing that Green and the rest of Warriors players are focused on is the ultimate goal of winning a title. All of the outside chatter has become white noise to them with their eyes fixated on the end result. It’s just something for people to put a label on heading into the season.

Golden State has a realistic chance of becoming the league’s next dynasty if they can fulfill their potential. It will all dependent on their chemistry on the court in order for it to work out. That said, they already possess the right mentality to get that done.

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