Draymond Green Has Enough of Kevin Durant’s Criticism



In the last few months since his decision to join the Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant has continued to catch slack from around the league. Paul Pierce was the latest to chime in on this stating that he stuck it out with the Boston Celtics instead of hopping ship. Draymond Green has caught wind of what Pierce said and unleashed a tirade against all the critics of his new teammate.

In essence, what Green is stating is that Durant has made a decision that was in his best interest. He felt this was the best move for his career moving forward. When Durant announced his choice he reasoned that the Warriors were the team that could grow as a player and win his first NBA championship.

Despite this strong response by Green, there’s going to continue to be criticism directed at former league MVP. There are still many that believe his legacy has taken a huge hit by his decision to go the “easy” route to winning a championship. The only way he can truly silence the critics is by winning titles and nothing less.

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