Dwayne Wade Had Some Words For Embattled Star Kevin Durant


Dwayne Wade is certainly no stranger to the spotlight.  The former Heat star, and current Chicago Bulls player, has been on the receiving end of a media onslaught.  When Lebron James decided to take his talents to South Beach, him and the entire Heat team found themselves under the media microscope.

Wade sees a lot of similarities between their experience and what current Warriors star Kevin Durant is dealing with.  He had this to say about how to handle the scrutiny:

I think the biggest thing is, what I say is just enjoy it. One thing we did wrong our first year was we played into the villain role because people was not liking that we was together and we tried to play into that role. That’s not why we started playing basketball – we started playing basketball because we enjoyed it and we loved it.

It seems that Wade can empathize with Durant and his situation.  Hopefully Durant sees what he had to say and can take some of it to heart.  The Warriors face an uphill battle with public perception this season and need any help they  an get.

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