Dwight Howard Clears The Air About James Harden Feud



Since his decision to bolt the Houston Rockets via free agency for the Atlanta Hawks, there has been much said Dwight Howard’ relationship with James Harden. There were numerous reports that the two stars constantly budded heads during their tenure together. In a recent interview with ESPN, Howard refuted those rumors once again.

“Well, sometimes things don’t work like they should. I’ve never had an issue with James. I wish him nothing but the best. I just think the timing of everything was a little bit different.”

It’s shocking to see Howard try to sweep this under the rug any problems between him and Harden. Keep in mind, he had hinted a couple of months ago in an interview with ESPN that he didn’t necessary see eye to eye with the 27-year-old. There were also numerous news outlets that stated the two tried to trade each other.

These issues only became apparent last season with the Rockets nearly missing the playoffs. Once things started going south, it was evident that Howard wasn’t a fit with the organization. Hopefully, for his sake this is the last stop of his career where he can finally settle down.

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