Dwight Howard Lashes Back At Hecklers Following Loss To Lakers At Staples Center



It has been just over three years since Dwight Howard last donned a Los Angeles Lakers’ uniform,  but the hatred from the fan base is as strong as ever. Howard was booed heavily throughout Sunday’s contest against the Lakers at Staples Center with every vulgarity thrown in his direction. According to TMZ, Howard had enough of it after the game when a fan called him another word for a female dog.

Although Howard stated to reporters that he “closed” his ears to the boos, he couldn’t avoid this situation. With the Hawks losing and the constant wave of fans yelling at him, he just caved into the negativity. It certainly shows that this had gotten to him to a more personal level now.

It is hard for many Lakers’ fans to move on, but the fact that they keep booing him won’t allow Howard to fully put this past. What makes this worse is that he addressed it, which will give fans more fuel to the fire to attack him verbally when he comes to town. All in all, it’s something he’s always going to deal with when he comes to Staples Center to play the Lakers.

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