Dwyane Wade Can’t Believe What He Just Heard About Jimmy Butler



Heading into this season, there was much belief that the Chicago Bulls would be one of the better teams in the Eastern Conference. However, that has not been the case as they currently hold as 19-18 record, which already stirred up many trade rumors including surrounding Jimmy Butler. In light of that, Dwyane Wade quickly shot down that notion during an interview with CSN Chicago.

“It’s a big market. It’s the Bulls. Our best player is in a rumor right now,” Wade said. “It doesn’t matter. It’s been a rumor every week but nothing has happened. It’s a big market, something to talk about. A couple extra hits. It’s the way the world works, the world we’re in. Someone decided to write something with no merit. And if it does have merit, way to be first in line for the scoop.”

Despite experiencing much turmoil through the early portion of the season, the Bulls are still in the playoff picture. Things haven’t exactly worked out the way they had hoped with Rajon Rondo struggling to fit in to the point where head coach Fred Hoiberg has benched him a couple of times. All of this has only made the trade rumors restart back up because of the team’s inability to play with any consistency.

There had been much talk during the offseason and into the 2016 NBA Draft that the Bulls were aggressively trying to move Butler. However, that conversation died down following the offseason additions of Rondo and Wade. That said, if Chicago continues to falter don’t expect this trade chatter to go away over the next month.

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