Dwyane Wade May Have Helped Nuggets More By Signing Elsewhere



During the offseason, the Denver Nuggets gained some serious consideration from Dwyane Wade in free agency. In fact, he had narrowed it down to one of his final choices. In a recent interview with the Denver Post, Wade had some high praise for the roster that they have put in place that made it hard for him to turn down.

“Those guys, I was sold on them, those individuals, great individuals,” Dwyane Wade said. “They made it a lot tougher than people think just from the standpoint of when you get into free agency, it’s all about how comfortable someone can make you feel. It’s about the picture they paint for you about the what’s the possibility of how the team can look with you inside of that team.”

The fact that Wade is impressed could go a long ways in helping the Nuggets rebuild. The team has lacked the star power to truly be a playoff contender in the competitive Western Conference since the days of Carmelo Anthony. Wade may have opened the door to other free agents considering playing for Denver in the future.

The front office has put together an intriguing roster that includes the likes of Kenneth Faried, Wilson Chandler, Jusuf Nurkic, and Emmanuel Mudiay. The addition of a proven superstar could make the world of difference. Although they lost out on Wade, his words may have a much larger impact on the future of the franchise.

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