Dwyane Wade Once Again Addresses His Relationship With Pat Riley



The shock has finally worn off with Dwyane Wade no longer wearing a Miami Heat uniform after he made his season debut with the Chicago Bulls on Thursday night. However, his departure from the Heat has still remained a topic of discussion. According to Shams Charania of The Vertical, Wade wants to completely close that chapter his career and has no ill will toward Heat president Pat Riley.

“I closed the Miami chapter right there.”

“I can’t focus over there anymore. I want those guys in Miami to be successful, but I’m motivated by greatness here. I’m motivated by doing what people think I can’t do, for sure. I had to make a decision, and I feel good about the decision I made.”

“A lot of emotions hit me when I made that shot. I’m not here because I’m angry at [Pat Riley] or the Heat. There’s no anger. I’m happy because I got the freedom to look elsewhere. I got to look at home.”

The 12-time All-Star clearly has left those emotions behind him and is now focused on what lies ahead of him in this new chapter of his career. Yes, he still likely feels that the Heat lowballed him, but that’s a thing of the past as he still holds a great amount of respect for Riley and the Heat organization. It was just a messy situation that didn’t work out for either side.

That said, this will always be looked back upon as something that could have been worked out. If both sides could have hashed things out, Wade would still be playing in Miami. With that behind him, the focus can now be centered on how things unfold this season for each team.

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