Dwyane Wade Reveals The Real Reason Why He Joined Bulls



It has been a few month since Dwyane Wade made his shocking decision to bolt the Miami Heat for the Chicago Bulls. There are still details emerging from the situation. In a recent interview with, Wade revealed what made him settle for the Bulls.

“If the star player on the team doesn’t reach out to me then I don’t think he’s really excited about me coming there,” Wade continued. “If Jimmy (Butler) don’t reach out to me then I’m not coming to Chicago because I don’t think Jimmy wants me here. But Jimmy reaches out to me and says, ‘D, I want you to come,’ it’s a different — that’s simple right there. It’s hard to change my mindset and everything.”

This isn’t surprising to hear as Chicago was going to through quite an interesting offseason prior to that. The team had dealt away Derrick Rose to the New York Knicks while losing both Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah in free agency. There was a pressing need for another star player and that’s something that Butler clearly realized that.

The addition of Wade has brought some much-needed stability to the franchise. It has also given the team a chance to compete for the playoffs and possibly challenge the Cleveland Cavaliers if things break right. All in all, it’s a decision that could have a tremendous impact on the Bulls and Miami Heat over the next few seasons.

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