Dwyane Wade Truly Believes There Is A Huge Misconception Regarding His Miami Departure



There has been much made about the last few months since Dwyane Wade made his decision to leave the Miami Heat via free agency for the Chicago Bulls. There have many theories as to why he ultimately decided it was time to start the next chapter of his career with another team. Following Thursday’s 98-95 win over the Heat, Wade told that he doesn’t believe that there is a clear understanding of why made his choice.

“I don’t think a lot of people understand. If you’re not in this business it’s hard to understand. I don’t really want them to understand. I want them to appreciate what we accomplished together. I want them to cheer for the team they have now, support those players who are giving their all. Support the future of the organization and be thankful we were able to experience an unbelievable ride together. That’s all you can do.”

It was a decision made purely based on it being the business in the league. Wade felt he wasn’t given the type of respect that he thought he wanted after taking numerous pay cuts for the betterment of the team. Heat president Pat Riley was unwilling to budge on a few more millions on an offer, and Wade made the tough choice to sign where he was given what he was looking to get.

It’s something that could have been worked out, but both sides have completely moved on from the situation. There still remains a tremendous level of respect from the Heat and Wade for what they accomplished during the last 13 years that included three NBA titles. Ultimately, this fallout does not overshadow what Wade did a Heat uniform.

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