Edge Just Gave An Interesting Perspective On Goldberg Vs. Brock Lesnar Match



In just a matter of hours, the WWE will have a dream match that pits two of the business’ biggest stars in Brock Lesnar and Goldberg against each other for the first time in nearly 13 years. There has been a tremendous build up to the match over the last few weeks. In light of that, WWE Hall of Famer Edge provided ESPN his take on the mega bout.

“It ain’t gonna be pretty. It’s gonna be two big hausses, I don’t know how else to explain that. It’s two Brahma Bulls. I’ve been in there with Brock, dude’s a freak, there is no other way to explain what he is and what he can do from an athletic standpoint. Bill will run through you. So what happens when you have two guys like that? Man, it’s going to be beastly. That’s the only way I can think to explain it. Having been in there with Brock and not been in there with Bill, I know what Brock can do. I don’t know from a first hand standpoint what Bill can do. So if I gotta pick a winner I say Suplex City, but Bill is a beast and I’ve seen his strength. It’s pick’em. I don’t know who wins.”

This has become a difficult match to predict given what each of these wrestlers has accomplished over their careers. Each has their own motives for the bout, which only makes it harder to foresee which superstar comes out on top. They are both extremely talented athletes with an abundant amount of strength.
That said, Lesnar does have the edge being 10 years younger and having remained in great physical shape. Meanwhile, this will be Goldberg’s first match since he last faced Lesnar at WrestleMania XX. Things may be swaying in Lesnar’s direction in that regard, but it should all make for a highly entertaining main event match.

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