Eli Manning Finally Speaks Out About This WR Who Has Had More Fines Than Touchdowns



New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was fined for unsportsmanlike conduct once again this week, this time for removing his helmet on his game-winning touchdown catch against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 6. It’s the fourth fine so far for Beckham this season, and they have totaled $96,772:

– $24,309 for this most recent infraction

– $12,154 in Week 1 for a group celebration after a score

– $36,000 in Week 2 for a hit on Saints S Kenny Vaccaro in Week 2 (a hit Beckham reportedly apologized for and that Vaccaro didn’t seem to mind)

– $24,309 for taunting Vikings CB Xavier Rhodes in Week 4.

Beckham has now been fined seven times for either taunting or unsportsmanlike conduct since 2014.

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