Enzo Amore Reveals His Biggest WWE Influences



Since joining the WWE a few years ago, Enzo Amore has built up a reputation for having strong microphone skills. He has used this to garner a huge following behind himself and Big Cass. In light of that, Amore recently revealed in an interview with ESPN.com who his biggest influences have been on the microphone.

“If you really put together ‘Stone Cold’ [Steve Austin], The Rock and Shawn Michaels, you can see a little bit of their influence on me, by all means. But at the end of the day we have an opportunity to create our brand, and the Enzo Amore brand is really an extension of who I am as a person. I think [with WWE] you have an opportunity of a lifetime to literally put on a fashion show every week.”

Amore certainly has the pizzazz that each of these past WWE greats had during their heyday. It would be hard to emulate any of this wrestlers to a high degree, but he has the energy and ability to connect with wrestling fans that they had. This is something that has helped him reach the WWE main roster in such quick manner.

That said, what limits him is the fact that the company is in the PG era so that prevents him from using his creativity even further. Those are things that The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin didn’t have to deal with during their time. All in all, Enzo has carved a niche out for himself in the WWE and it will interesting to see what lies ahead of him.

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