Eric Bischoff May Have A Beef With AJ Styles



In the last few weeks, there is a growing rumor that Shawn Michaels may come out of retirement to face AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble next year. Styles recently addressed this chatter with his desire to make it happen. In a recent appearance on Sports Illustrated’s 120 Sports, former WCW president and Raw general manager Eric Bischoff had some choice words for the current WWE champion.

No, it’s not. Once you set the bar that high… that’s the really tricky thing. Especially about pro wrestling/sports entertainment. It’s really easy to hype something. It’s really easy to get people talking about something. It’s not something that is always easy to deliver on. This is one of those cases. Look, if the match is already made. If indeed it’s going to happen then this is a very cool, organic way to build to a crescendo for that match. On the other hand, if this is just them throwing it out there to see how the crowd reacts it could definitely backfire.

Bischoff has brought up a valid point all of this promotion of a match that may not even happen would be pointless. It would create anger amongst the hardcore wrestling fanbase that wants to see it go down. This could be a tightrope that the WWE is walking with this situation.

There is obviously a lot of positive push to make this come to fruition with these two taking part in a match. It looks like this all depends on Michaels’ desire to get back in the ring again. If so, this could all gain real traction to actually being put together.

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