Falcons Stadium Plans Brutal Troll To Get Under Russell Wilson’s Skin In Playoff Match Up



Although Falcons head coach Dan Quinn denied it, it looks like the Falcons will be using their home field advantage to get under Russell Wilson’s skin this weekend. And for that, you can thank the stadium DJ, of all people.

Russell Wilson has a public feud with Atlanta rapper Future, who used to date and has a child with Wilson’s wife Ciara. Future and Ciara have had very public disputes over child support issues, a child that Wilson now raises with Ciara. So naturally, the stadium DJ made sure to pack the playlist full of Future tracks.

The DJ defended himself by saying that he plays Future songs at every home game, and that not playing Future in Atlanta would be like not playing Kanye in Chicago. Head coach Dan Quinn denied that the team would stoop to such methods, but when Complex reached out to the DJ, he said no one from the Falcons had contacted him about the music choices.

“I’m going to play it and, to be honest, no one has hit me up directly saying I can’t play the records I normally play.”

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