Fan Footage Reveals How Eagles Safety Made The Worst Play Of The Year And Cost His Team A Win



The Cowboys and the Eagles faced off last weekend in an epic division rivalry that went to overtime. The Cowboys ultimately emerged victorious, thanks to an excellent overtime touchdown from Dak Prescott and Jason Witten. But the unsung hero for Dallas that allowed it all to happen was actually an Eagles player.

On the television broadcast, the cameras were trained on Dak Prescott as he made an impressive scramble to stall until he had an open man. It wasn’t until some footage filmed by a fan in the stadium came out that we got to see that it was actually Eagles safety Rodney McLeod that allowed it all to happen.

Things start off poorly for McLeod, who collides with teammate Nolan Carroll, opening up Terrence Williams in the back of the end zone. The Eagles got lucky that Prescott didn’t see the open Williams, or it would have been over there.

But McLeod seemed determined to make sure Prescott had an open receiver, so he next went after Jason Witten. Witten was trying and failing to shake Malcolm Jenkins out of coverage when McLeod comes barreling in, knocking Jenkins over and freeing up Witten to run into space for a game winning touchdown catch.

A series of unfortunate events for McLeod, which when strung together look so bad that you’d swear he was secretly a Cowboys fan. McLeod has actually been excellent all season, so it’s easy to laugh this off as just one really bad play rather than worry about his skills as a player. Every player has bad plays occasionally, they just hope that it doesn’t happen in the red zone in overtime against a division rival.

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