Father Time Has Clearly Caught With Paul Pierce



Paul Pierce is in his 15th season in the NBA, and he far removed from the player he once was during the prime of his career. He has now been relegated to a bench role in his final year in the league. In light of that, Pierce made it even more evident that his best days are behind him.

A couple of years ago that would have been an easy dunk in transition for pierce, but his athleticism is no longer what it once was. He was never an overly athletic player, but the little that he had has almost seemingly vanished. Pierce has become a complete shadow of what he once was on the court.

That said, he has been one of the game’s greatest players and will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at some point after his retirement. This includes an NBA Finals MVP, 10 All-Star Game Selections, and four All-NBA nods. This is just a blatant wake up call for Pierce that he much further away from his prime than he previously thought.

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