Fellow Patriots Give Insight Into Belichick Berating Tom Brady, This Is Priceless



Chad Johnson spent the majority of his NFL career in Cincinnati with the Bengals. In his final season, though, he teamed up with Tom Brady and the Patriots for one uneventful year.

Johnson started just three games and caught 15 passes for 276 yards in New England, but his time there wasn’t completely wasted. He learned what makes the Patriots tick, and why they’re so great each and every year. Additionally, he came away with a story about the time coach Bill Belichick laid into Brady in front of the whole team.

Johnson shared that story on FS1’s “Undisputed” Tuesday, revealing just how frightening the situation was.“First day, team meeting. Everyone’s coming in and Belichick puts on – first day, no greeting – the loss to the Jets in the playoffs where they went home early,” Johnson said. “He puts it on and rips into Tom. First meeting, no practice, everybody [is there].

“He’s at Tom’s head, and I’m like, ‘Is this a joke? Are we being punked?’ He laid his you-know-what out. … That set the tone for me right there. I was walking on egg shells from that point on.”

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